I am a huge believer in the importance of supportive artistic spaces for people to try new things. Such spaces are essential to the wellbeing of audiences and artists, both veteran and beginner. My own development is only thanks to these community structures, and so I hold it as a personal responsibility to spread and support them far and wide. This has quite naturally thrown me into the role of producer, and I'm proud to have been involved in the following projects, among many others.

Woolwich Carnival

I project co-ordinated this entirely volunteer driven community carnival, to celebrate Woolwich's hugely diverse cultures. In 2019, we welcomed 500+ artists from local community groups and schools, welcoming over 4000 audience members on the day! It was such a huge joy taking ownership of a public space as the site of unity, respect and a really good party!


As part of the Community Programming team of this South London theare, I helped put together 2 Woolwich Carnivals, and have lead on the building of Tramtastic Nights! - a club night for adults with learning disabilities. It's been a joy to serve my community through an arts organisation that is so closely tied to its local area.


The STEEZ events were one of those things that journalists have attempted to describe, but which are better left to myths, legends and memories. If you Google it with the words 'South London' after, you will find a bunch of people describing what it meant to them. It was a hugely important project and family for me, which I can't fully describe in this small little box.

For 3 years I co-ran the STEEZ Cafe at Brainchild Festival. We programmed 40hrs of poetry, bands, DJs, jam sessions and anything else we could think of. It was an eclectic mix of the beautiful creative community that surrounded us, and many people's first time playing a festival. Sadly, this stage is no more, but I'm always scheming new happenings on that field!

Banging Lemz was a most zesty segment of Brighton bursting with live art, zines, jam sessions, dancers, DJs and lemon based puns. My favourite bit was using our Patterns residency to bridge the gap to London and connect the 2 creative communities.