Poetry on the page is an art form first accessed by the eyes. You have to look at it to read it. As I develop my style on the page, I'm keen to produce a poetry that respects this visual nature of the written word. A photopoetry that speaks with more than just dictionary definition. Here are some of the experiments in this style.

   Here is an article, which I wrote for Lonely Table that describes my thoughts on photopoetry in a little more detail.

IMG_8643 copy copy.jpg

as layers. Stripped, 2019
Concertina book, with poetry and photograph

self-published and available for sale on my bandcamp 

Jazz Stroud, 2019
Lyrics are those of the artists photographed, performed at Jazz Stroud 2018, as part of Footshooter's takeover

Bread & chorizo.jpg

Bread & Chorizo, 2018

Published by The People's Recipe Book